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Minutes from the last core team meeting

5 maart 2019

On February 21, the BlockDAM Core Team had a meeting about the governance of our community. Here are the minutes of that meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to approach one of us or send a mail to


1) BCD tokens for rewarding attendance
A) How are we going to allocate BCD tokens for attendance at the BlockDAM meetup in the past and
B) How do we deal with people who are only briefly present. Do they have the right to the 10 BCD tokens?

A) John will find out who was present at the meetup on the basis of the registrations. Then we will assign the tokens if they are also claimed by the visitor in question. Claiming can be done by replying to an email from BlockDAM containing the address of the ETH wallet where the token has to be moved.
Every visitor must claim his presence tokens himself. With this, we hope that visitors who briefly ask themselves wonder whether the claim is acceptable. Claiming must therefore take place in a transparent way for everyone. The procedure for this has yet to be elaborated and will be communicated in Discord and on the website.
Bart will take care of this.

David Truong is working on a solution to take Bert mints off your hands, and to do that more automatically. Members will therefore become increasingly responsible for their own tokens in attendance.

It is everyone’s task to point out new visitors and to personally guide them in this matter.

2) How do we deal with ideas and things that are suggested in the name of BlockDAM

The following has been agreed on:
Upon the possession of 100 BCD token and after a voluntary donation of 10 EUR in ETH to the vault, a member is entitled to a voting voucher. This voucher entitles a member to act as a representative of BlockDAM. 3% of the turnover realized as a result of this will have to be donated to the BlockDAM community in the form of ETH. Voting vouchers are not yet available at this time. This is being worked on. As soon as these can be issued, they will be offered to the members. Until that time we expect that members who have 100 BCD tokens approach the core team if they want to spend as a representative of BlockDAM.

3) Governance core team, how are we going to continue this?

As a core team we feel responsible for laying down our role as quickly as possible and leaving decision-making to the members. The tools we need for this are not yet available. Until then, the core team will do its best to make decisions in the interest of the BlockDAM community and in consultation with this community as much as possible. The team will be as transparent as possible here in Discord. In the space of 4 months we will hopefully go a step further with the development of the necessary tools and, if applicable, we will evaluate the governance of BlockDAM.

4) In the future, how are we going to pay Meet Berlage for space?

This will have to be further thought about. Ideas are currently:

– raising entrance,

– looking for sponsors,

– offering the opportunity to ‘shelve’ their idea in exchange for money

– Possibly we can also let companies do a workshop at BlockDam where they deposit an amount for the space that is used, and that BlockDam receives an amount in the treasury. At this time, existing members can help BCD tokens with the experiment. The collaboration with BlockChainTalks DAO can also help.

– The setting up by Bert of an experiment with students from the Hogeschool Inholland in April (possibly DI 23 April 2019) and only by agreement MeetBerlage. Anyone who would like to work with you will let you know !! It would be nice if we were on mainnet before that, because this could mean the first real revenue for BlockDam. 😉

5) ‘Skin in the game’: how to maintain BlockDAM if everyone has different obligations

This requires a little more time to find a solution for this. Input from the community seems desirable here.

6) Program composition: how do we determine which speakers are coming?

Options for speakers will be announced on Discord, after which they can be voted on. Afterwards the speaker will be announced on the meetup page and if possible the website of BlockDAM.

An idea is to have this done later with the help of a ‘Token Curated Registary Tool’, possibly in collaboration with the BlockchainTalks DAO.

7) Diversity: How open are we. This in response to a discussion on social media about rewarding the placement of female visitors.

We would like to emphasize that BlockDAM is open to everyone, regardless of gender / ethnicity / etc. Active action on this by, for example, attracting more women, everyone is free. No BCD tokens will be used for the time being.

8) Should the website be entirely in English?

No, it is best to show foreign language articles.

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Bert Bosman | 6 maart 2019 | 15:59

Cool Hans! One remark ( of course ; ) “..a voluntary donation of 10 EUR in ETH to the vault, a member is entitled to a voting voucher”.. would be not so voluntary but rather obligatory IMO. Of course community will have to decide on this.

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