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Blockdam joins the Dutch Blockchain Week

17 mei 2019

From the 2nd to the 7th of June, the Dutch Blockchain Week is organised in seven cities in the Netherlands. The event is an initiative from Blockchain Netherlands. They bring together the Dutch ecosystem creating a truly community-driven blockchain week. They aim to connect, strengthen, expose the Dutch blockchain community to an international stage.


What makes this Dutch Blockchain Week unique is that the program is completely created and organized by the community, thus offering a variety of topics, events accessible regardless of knowledge level and covering all types of organisation in the blockchain space.


Blockdam is happy to contribute to this initiative with two events:


Why open blockchains matter

A whole day event divided into six sessions. In these sessions we will explain what the real innovation of open public blockchains is and which design principles are underneath. The event is targeted on professionals that want to learn about blockchain beyond the hype. It is a paid event to cover the cost of the venue. Meet Berlage is our host for this event. For more information, check this meetup page. 


Speed dating

During the second event, our regular co-working day,  Blockdam members are available for one-on-one sessions. If you want to know more about tokenomics, governance, asset management, trading, cryptography or any other blockchain related subject, we will (try) to answer your questions.


Please help us to promote these events in your network!




Dutch Blockchain Week website


If you want to volunteer on that day, please let me know!


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